Opensource XR Kit 3 (No 3D-Printed Parts)

Opensource XR Kit 3 (No 3D-Printed Parts)

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With this modular AR headset kit you can build your Project North Star Deck X. This Kit doesn’t contain 3D-printed parts.

With the Intel® RealSense™ T261 6-DOF sensor (included) and Ultraleap’s Stereo IR 170 (included) packed under one lid, the Deck X is more compact than previous modified versions. It also comes with the Integrator, a custom-built USB Hub System with integrated Arduino, Flash Drive, and built-in programmable buttons. The buttons can do whatever you want—but come pre-programmed for adjusting optical ergonomics factors, like IPD and eye position relative to the lenses.

The most exciting part about the Integrator, though, might be that it brings down the use of cables down from 4 to just 2! Not only does that reduce the number of USB ports used on your computer, it greatly reduces the weight of the cable bundle hanging off the back of your head.

About the XR kits:

Our Project North Star kits are made to accommodate our customers’ different needs, preferences, and access to a 3D printer.

  • Kit TREE provides all the necessary components to build a Project North Star Deck X headset, except the 3D-printed parts. The kit includes one Ultraleap Stereo IR170.  The kit includes the Intel® RealSense™ T261.

Check out the table below for more details:

Components Kit Three
North Star Classic Electronics & Optics
North Star Deck X Specific Electronics
North Star Mechanical Parts
North Star 3D Printed Parts NO
PETG 3D Printed Sensor Mounting Bracket for Intel® RealSense™ T261*
North Star Cables Bundle 3m
Intel® RealSense™ T261 Accessories
Intel® RealSense™ T261 YES
Ultraleap Stereo IR 170
Screwdriver & Hex Wrench
Assembled and Calibrated NO


*) All Kits, come with a PETG + carbon fiber 3D-printed sensor mounting bracket because of the temperatures that the T261 can reach.

*) Once you placed your order, it will be shipped within 2 business days. A tracking number will be provided after the order has been shipped.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Have fun with your North Star build!

Useful Links

This headset kit requires a certain level of technical expertise. Please consult these technical resources before purchasing:


Intel and Intel RealSense are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

Weight 1.29 kg
Dimensions 33.0 × 25.0 × 9.0 cm

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